13th APRIL 2015


This agreement herein referred to as “the memorandum of understanding” is made this 3rdday of the month of March 2015 between:

The community of Bukuuku, Kicwambaand Busoro Sub counties

Hereafter referred to as “the community” and represented by the District ChairpersonKabarole Districtas Community legal holder.


The Local Government of Kabarole District

Hereafter referred to as “the District” and represented by the Chief Administrative Officer


African Agency for Integrated Development (AAID)

Hereafter referred to as the‘NGO’ and presented by the Executive Director


  1. The threeparties will co-operate loyally as partners in the implementation of the water, sanitation and hygiene project in the said sub counties. All the parties accept to recognize and respect any modification that the legal holder of AAID may make regarding any aspect of the project.


  1. This memorandum of understanding provides for the:
  • Repair of 80 water sources using different technologies
  • Development and promotion of a long-term community based operation and management system.
  • Ensuring that 99,533 people have access to and utilize appropriate sanitation facilities.
  • Facilitating the community to change the common bad hygiene behaviors in each of the three sub counties.
  • On the job training for the newly recruited social worker and community operation and management funds.
  • Facilitating the community to develop and implement an appropriate follow up plan for a minimum of six months after the end of direct project interventions.
  • Facilitating the communities of Bukuuku, Kicwambaand Busorosub counties to restructure WMC, in the said sub counties within three months from the commencement date of the project.
  • The project cost for both trainings and construction amounts to $80000 equivalent to 232,000,000 Uganda Shillings which will be used according to the proposed budget submitted to Islamic Development Bank.

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 Commitments of the three contracting parties:

The community agrees to:

  1. Discharge all responsibilities assented to by the Community legal holder on their behalf, more especially those embedded in the documents mentioned above of this memorandum of understanding.

Accept the management of the project to proceed as concluded in Memorandum of Understanding.

Accept and recognize the authority of African Agency for Integrated Development as the implementing NGO.

Support the NGO assigned to and involved in project implementation.

Elect Water and Sanitation management (WatSan) committees, which represented and reflect the beneficiaries of the project. The WatSan committees will have a minimum of 5 members and maximum of 7 members who will carry out duties on behalf of and for the community including:

(a)    Handling all the finances collected from the beneficiaries

(b)   Overall planning, in conjunction with project team leader, of the activities of the project.

(c)    Mobilization of the beneficiaries for the required manpower as well as contributions in kind and in cash:

(d)   Develop and implement a plan for long-term operation and management of all water and sanitation facilities put in place.

(e)    Any other duties assigned by the community.


There should be at least four women on the committee.

 If CBHC project is required, then elect village health committees, which reflect and represent the beneficiaries in every village covered under the project proposal. The village committee will have a minimum of 7 members and will carry out duties on behalf of and for the community including:

(a)    Mobilization of the members of the village for action to improve their health status through the development and nurturing a CBHC program for the benefit of the village.

(b)   Any other duties assigned by the community.

 There should be at least four women on this committees.Assist the NGO and the Government extension staff with executive of all the project activities including providing labor at construction and demonstration sites, attending hygiene education and other training activities as well as cooperating in constructing and improving their latrines and other hygiene and sanitation related structures.

Resolve all land disputes pertaining the sites of the water points to be developed/Rehabilitated.

Recruit and agree on terms, roles and responsibilities of a social worker from within the community on the recommendation of AAID.

Recruit contractors/Water Technicians on the recommendations of the AAID to carry out quality construction works on water and sanitation facilities as well as training community operation and management funds.

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Recruit from within the community and pay two community operation and management funds, in consultation with the AAID and provide the necessary manpower (unskilled labor) in order to enable the Water technicians and community operation and management fund is to carry out their jobs effectively.

Provide and transport the required local materials (clay, sand, stones, aggregates, etc) in consultation with AAID, Technicians and community operation and management fund is whenever and wherever required.

Provide a secure and safe store and take care of the stored materials.

Organize and attend monthly water and sanitation meetings and keep minutes of these meetings.

Government Extension staff in their respective Sub counties to participate in AAID’s Activities of the Project without any contract agreement.

Ensure that all activities in the proposal are implemented within the stipulated period and in any case within twenty weeks from the commencement of project implementation, save for the follow up plan.

Start raising funds during the implementation of the project that are meant for future sustenance of project interventions.

Compile an operation and management plan and ensure implementation of the same under the guidance of the social worker for at least six months after the end of direct project interventions.

Keep books of accounts reflecting how money is entered on and used from the project account.

Cooperate with any future persons and /or organizations that may come to follow up and /or evaluate the project for and /or on behalf of AAID.

 The District agrees to:

 Facilitate project implementation through extension of staff based in the project area who include:

(a)    Sub county chief and other chiefs in mobilization, financial management and latrine improvement.

(b)   Health Assistant to assist with the implementation of the sanitation and CBHC components,

(c)    Community Development Assistants to assist with community mobilization, operation and management.

Integrate into and ensure follow up of this project through the District WASH plan.

Respond favorably to any other request for support that expedites project implementation and sustenance.

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 African Agency for Integrated Development(AAID) as NGO agrees to:

  1. Develop and prepare the project documents based on the findings and recommendations of the participatory baseline survey carried out inBukuuku, Kicwamba and Busorosub counties.

Always act in a manner consistent with the provisions of the MOU for this project.

Develop and implement capacity building activities for community structures supporting project interventions as well as execute a training schedule focusing on issues of hygiene education, sanitation, operation and management and CBHC.

Ensure availability of technical staff to train community members in matters related to construction of appropriate sanitation facilities and financial management.

Assist the community in compiling a long term operation and maintenance plan and make a follow up plan for the social workers to ensure the plan is accordingly implemented.

Generally facilitate the community to implement the Bukuuku, Kicwamba, and Busoroproject in accordance with this memorandum of understanding.

Ensure that project funds are used economically and efficiently and in full compliance with the project documents.


  1. Ensure that the community legal holder assents to all direct project expenditures.


  1. Maintain separate accounts of all receipts (income) and expenses of the project in conformity with general accepted accounting principles.

Provide the district with regular progress reports and submit a final narrative report immediately after the completion of the project.

Provide AAID with all information and access to sites as may be requested from time to time as well as cooperating with any persons and or organizations that may come to follow up and or evaluate the project for and or on behalf of AAID either now or in future.

 AAID undertakes to:

 Provide support in co-financing and ensuring quality of project interventions.

Provide technical back stopping for the District Local government.

Implementing, Monitoring project progress and ensure interventions are in accordance with relevant agreements.

Ensure audit and internal reviews are carried out for this project at the appropriate time.

This agreement is deemed to have come into effect on the 3rdday of March 2015, i.e. the commencement of the Bukuuku, Kicwamba, and Busoro sub counties implementation project. The MOU management takes precedence over all documents and agreement governing this cooperation and defining this partnership.

For Kabarole District Local Government, on Behalf of the community of Bukuku, Kicwamba and Busoro sub counties:

Chief Administrative Officer

District Chairperson    

Name: Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard                              


For African Agency for Integrated Development (AAID)

Name: Mr. Kisembo Asuman                                      Executive Director


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