Our objectives

  • Enhancing prevention practices through awareness campaigns by caring out health talks on cancer in schools, mosques, churches and other social gatherings like markets.
  • Establishment of talking compounds which talks about cancer as a terrible danger that need control and prevention through medical and non medical methods.
  • To improve access to reliable clean water in three sub counties in Western Uganda by strengthening the functioning of local institutional and community structure to manage and maintain water source facilitiesTo sustain the benefits of safe water by improving the sanitation and hygiene practices of the surrounding communities
  • To organise the elderly people into groups so that they can live a productive life up to the end of their earthly life.
  • To help the rural poor women to change their attitude towards poverty
  • To carryout awareness workshops and trainings about the potential wealth in the rural areas
  • To encourage the rural poor women to form self-help organisations and develop self esteem.
  • To carryout any other activities that are in line with the achievement of the company’s objectives.