Our Achievements

Expansion of our NGO:

AAID has grown and expanded worldwide with branch offices opened in different countries across the world.

Increased enrollment of beneficiaries across all projects due to increase in our resources and capacities for example during 2009/2010,. The total number of beneficiaries of our services across all projects increased from 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 people.

Sustainance of previous projects which continue to serve the need at hand and more efforts have bee made to aquire more resources for capacity building.

Acquisition of contacts to new Organisations for potential collaboration. This has been done around the world for pontential funding, Organization and for collaboration in programme implementation.

Commencement of 4 new projects which has brought the number of AAID projects to the total of 15 projects since it was formed.

Acquisition of donations to boost the work of the Organization. We have so far been able to raise 3,082,000,000 UGX from connection and partners around the world. This amount came from donations and contributions towards community development programmes that our Organization is involved in.

AAID is conducting the control of covid-19 in western Uganda, East Africa ,The project is funded by Islamic Development Bank (ISDB) special thanks gose to Saudi Community for this support.The project will include supply of sanitizers, Community sensitization and supply of Hand Washing facilities in public places.